The Witch’s Companion – The Essential Guide to Being a Witch – Soraya

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Soraya, renowned psychic, numerologist and astrologer has compiled what she believes to be the one invaluable book on Wicca and Paganism that a would-be witch would ever need. Over the years many who have been drawn to witchcraft have asked her where do I start?A" In this book she will try to answer that question and provide information on all manner of resources that can be used both for the new and the experienced witch. Being a Pagan means having respect for every living thing, appreciating the beauty and fragility of Mother Earth and everything on around and related to it. The earth, wind and sea; the seasons the sun the moon and the stars; they are all important to a Pagan. Soraya takes you from the fi rst steps of recognising that you want to be Pagan, to recognising what discipline you might want to follow (are you a Solitary, a Green or Hedge witch, a Dianic witch, a Gardnerian or an Eclectic?) to the intricaces of performing ritual and spells. This comprehensive reference book about the Pagan world includes information on: The Cycles of the Moon Casting a Circle Drawing Down the Moon Spell Casting Magickal Tools Meditation Candle Magick Ritual Verses Initiations Pagan Festivals Sabbats Invoking Rituals Breaking a Spell

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