The Third Reich in Power – How the Nazis won over the hearts and minds of a nation – Richard J. Evans

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Before Hitler seized power in 1933, Germany had been famous for its sophistication and complexity. So how was it possible for a group of ideological obsessives to re-mould it into a one-party state directed at war and race hate? How did the Nazis win over the hearts and minds of Germany's citizens, twist science, religion and culture, and transform the country's politics to achieve total dominance so quickly?

From the Nuremberg Laws to the Olympic Games, Kristallnacht to the Hitler Youth, this gripping account shows how a whole population became enmeshed in a dictatorship that was consumed by hatred and driven by war.

'Impressive ... perceptive ... humane'
Ian Kershaw

'Excellent ... powerful ... it makes an indelible impression'
Robert Service, Sunday Times

'Likely to be the standard work for some years to come'
Spectator Books of the Year

'A rich and detailed description of just what the Third Reich did in every compartment of the state and every corner of society ... Evans's magisterial study should be on our shelves for a long time to come'

'Written with great style and human sympathy'
Daily Telegraph Books of the Year

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