The JPS Dictionary of Jewish Words – Joyce Eisenberg & Ellen Scolnic

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From one of the most trusted names in Jewish publishing comes an indispensable reference to the most common Jewish words and terms in use today derived from - Yiddish, Hebrew, Aramaic, and English. The JPS Dictionary of Jewish Words contains over 1,000 entries for Jewish holidays and life-cycle events, culture, history, the Bible and other sacred texts, and worship. Organized in A to Z format for easy reference, words can be quickly found without having to know their meaning or exact spelling. Each entry has a pronunciation guide and is cross-referenced to other related terms. The introduction serves as an excellent primer on the history of Jewish words, their transliteration, and pronunciation. And the indexes at the back, arranged by categories, help you find the words you want.The JPS Dictionary of Jewish Words is a very handy resource not just for Jews, but for anyone who encounters Jewish words and wants to check their meaning, spelling, and/or pronunciation. For example:mensch n. Yiddish (MENCH) Literally, "person." A caring, decent person-man or woman-who can be trusted. It refers in a much larger sense to acting in an honorable, proper way. The term is bestowed as a compliment on someone who has done the right thing without asking for thanks or credit. For example, "Larry is a real mensch. Before he returned Peter's car, he filled the tank with gas!

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