Savage Girls and Wild Boys – A History of Feral Children – Michael Newton

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This is an account of feral children - those brought up with no human contact, sometimes raised by wild animals, unable to speak or perform many of the functions we consider human. The cases discussed include those of Kamala and Amala, twin girls reputed to have been brought up by wolves in India in the 1920s; Genie, a girl kept in a single room in New York; a boy raised in a hen house in Northern Ireland; and a boy found among wild dogs in Moscow. The book examines their lives and the experiences of those who "rescued" them, looked after them, educated them or abused them.
From the Back Cover:
Praise for Michael Newton’s Savage Girls and Wild Boys

“Newton’s thoughtful and crisply written book...tells [the stories] confidently, clearly, and with great humanity.”
---Richard Davenport-Hines, author of The Pursuit of Oblivion and Gothic

“Newton’s style and tone set out to entertain. He is scholarly, playful, and very slightly mad.”
---Ian Sansom, author of The Truth About Babies

“A fascinating, truly thought-provoking book, written with passionate intelligence.”
---Melissa Murray, author of Changelings

“The stories, which Michael Newton has collected and analyzed, are parables about what it means to be human, and they demonstrate how flimsy our definition of ourselves as superior creatures actually is.”
---Peter Conrad, author of The Hitchcock Murders

“A collection of six extraordinary individual histories, beautifully navigated.”
---Francis Spufford, author of The Child That Books Built
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