Migraine – Oliver Sacks

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'A mine of treasures, a source of visions, a microcosm of human experience and suffering, the philosopher's stone: Migraine is a remarkable achievement' Sunday Telegraph Migraine is an age-old the first recorded instances date back over 2,000 years and often debilitating condition, affecting a 'substantial minority' of the population across the globe. In this book, Oliver Sacks offers at once a medical account of its occurrence and management; an exploration of its physical, physiological and psychological underpinnings and consequences; and a meditation on the nature and experience of health and illness. 'This book pushes no panaceas, but its humanity may prove helpful in reconciling us to darker sides of ourselves' ROY PORTER, Sunday Times 'It delves into the workings of the brain with brilliant complexity, and should be required reading for migraine sufferers or those with an intellectual bent' Cosmopolitan Migraine is full of those wondrous insights that have made Oliver Sacks the most accessible and at the same time the most magisterial of doctors' ANITA BROOKNER, Spectator

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