Sex & Punishment – Eric Berkowitz

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Sex is one of the most powerful human drives, and societies have sought to regulate it since the dawn of history. Meticulous, scholarly, yet laced with spicy anecdote, this chronological survey ranges from the brutal impalement of an adulteress in Mesopotamia to the trials of Oscar Wilde. Peopled with transvestites, rent boys, royal mistresses and gay charioteers, it demonstrates how what is 'normal' in one age is forbidden in another, exposing the futility of such attempts to constrain human sexuality.
About the Author:
Eric Berkowitz is a lawyer and journalist. He has published investigative pieces in the Los Angeles Times and the LA Weekly, and was an editor of the West Coast s premier legal publication, the Los Angeles Daily Journal. Eric maintains a public interest law practice, where he represents victims of domestic violence as well as homosexuals seeking political asylum in the United States. He lives in San Francisco.

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