50 Ways the World Could End – Alok Jha

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We live in a world teeming with deadly threats and apocalyptic horrors. Many of them are familiar: terrorism, lethal viruses, global warming and war, but many others most of us can't even imagine: self-replicating nanobots that can devour an entire planet, high-energy experiments that threaten to suck the Earth into a mini black hole, and even super-sophisticated scientific devices that can put an end to the entire universe. All these and more are explored in Alok Jha's lively and entertaining book. Ranging in scope from the very real perils of chemical pollution, resource depletion and overpopulation to the wilder shores of strangelets, superstorms and extraterrestrial invasion, The Doomsday Handbook is your complete guide to the science and sociology behind each potential apocalypse and what (if anything) we can do to prevent it.

This is an electrifying trip through the multitude of terrors vying to wipe out our species.

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